Food & Beverage Filling Machines

Our Food and Beverage Packaging Machines

The world of Liquid and Food Filling Machines is ever changing. Whether it’s sauces, chutneys, soups, sweets, wines, soft drinks or confectioneries, new products are hitting the market daily. You can trust Shemesh’s liquid filling machines, sealing machines, capping machines, labelling machines and case packing machines to keep you ahead of the competition.

At Shemesh we understand your products are just as varied as the people that use them. We have over 30 years experience in handling a wide variety of particulates and liquids across the full spectrum of viscosities. Our top-of-the-line Food and Liquid Filling Machines, including dosing, filling and sealing machines, cappers, and labellers are complemented by our abilities to provide you with a bespoke turnkey line catered specifically for your needs.

The machines in our food and beverage packaging range can be installed as stand-alone units, integrated with existing machinery or as part of a Shemesh complete turnkey Line.

  • SA’s container unscrambler would make the perfect starting point for your line, automatically organising, orientating and feeding your containers to the filling machines – already reducing manual labour significantly.
  • Our liquid filling machines are ideally suited to the range of viscosities commonly found in food and beverages such as peanut butter, sauces or pastes, while our diving nozzle technology means there are no problems with foaming when it comes to soft drinks. Our STRATUM viscose liquid filling machine even includes an optional “Double Jacket” heated tank, or built in agitators. It operates at up to 180 ppm and is perfect for tackling almost any food or beverage filling challenge!
  • SA’s SEALPRO offers conduction-sealing for a wide variety of food and beverage containers at speeds of up to 200ppm with built-in QC. Total vacuum seal versions are also available.
  • Our range of capping machines includes the THORO automatic capper for any type of cap commonly used in food and beverage packaging. From Screw caps or ‘witches hat’ caps typically found on sauces and syrups to twist-off/lug caps commonly found on jams, jellies and preserves to ROPP caps common in the spirits industry, the THORO provides ultra-accurate capping with servo-controlled torque which can be adjusted via the machine’s HMI.
  • No Food and Beverage Packaging is complete without a perfectly applied label. With our LWA labelling machine series, whatever your labelling needs (from wraparound, to front/back/side or tamper-proof and even orientation labelling) we have you covered.
  • Automate the end of your line with the SA RELENTLESS case packer, which will automatically form, fill and seal your cases at speeds of up to 25 cases per minute. The RELENTLESS can be purchased with either mechanical or vacuum grippers to perfectly suit the needs of your food or beverage product.
  • The APPOLON Robotic Palletizer is the perfect way to end your Food or Beverage packaging line. With production requirements increasing across the globe, Shemesh understands the importance of ensuring stable pallet loads, whilst also allowing for the flexibility to adjust to ever-changing packaging industry requirements. This is why the Shemesh Appolon Palletizer range includes Proprietary Grippers (Vacuum type) which can easily be adjusted to new carton sizes.


Indeed, SA has already sold hundreds of beverage and food packaging machines to global manufacturers including a sauce filling and capping line to food packaging giant MacPhie.

Contact us for more information on our food and beverage packaging lines, or for a full quotation – let us build your vision!