At Shemesh Automation, we understand that when you invest in new packaging machinery, you are investing in the future of your business. This is not to be taken lightly.

We pride ourselves on the premium quality, durability and reliability of our machines together with our ‘Customer First’ approach. But please don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our customers say:

  • “Great product, great team! Shemesh delivered a turnkey production line as promised under extraordinary circumstances during the pandemic. We would certainly consider partnering with them again in the future and highly recommend their products and services.”
    — Jason Slosberg, MD Founder | Business Lead Legacy Converting, Inc (Everwipe)

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    “Shemesh demonstrated time after time that they are “there” when it really matters. From the project planning stage, where the line design and building of the kit were very well managed with clear communications at every stage, to delivering the project and equipment on time, and finally the installation stage, where Shemesh had a super professional team in place for installation & training. In addition to this, we are delighted with the productivity and the day to day operation where we all can enjoy production that is accurate and consistent. Today, I perceive Shemesh not only as an equipment supplier but a true partner to our success, and I also consider many within Shemesh Automation friends. I am glad to say that we will surely buy from Shemesh again and I would not hesitate in putting my own name and reputation on the line in recommending the Shemesh Brand to anyone who is looking for a reliable partner for their production needs.”
    — Rick Lennard, Lead Engineer, Beams Packaging Services

  • Shemesh Packaging Solutions for I-MED Pharma

    “As a long standing Shemesh Automation customer we knew we were in good hands when decided to buy the MULTI 1 as well from them. What we did not know is our expectations would be completely shattered during this project – in the most positive manner. Not only did communications as well as the entire project were very well managed across multi-cultural, cross-global teams with a constant availability of Shemesh Automation around the clock – but the Multi1 itself would ultimately make us tremble with its accuracy, production consistency, attention to the smallest details and staggering simplicity – all of which are truly overwhelming.”
    — Zvi Nachum, Lead Medical Equipment Development Engineer

  • “Shemesh Automation is one of my favourite suppliers. Not only their equipment is reliable and innovative, but the people behind this name have also managed over the years to prove to us loyalty and service rarely seen in the industry.”
    — Gabi Cherniak Senior Project Manager, Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries

  • “Shemesh have really understood our business needs and we have since purchased several more of their machines. It is as much about the people behind this great brand as the machines themselves.”
    — John Prentice CEO, Allied Hygiene

  • “As one of the largest global makers of cosmetics goods, purchasing a Shemesh Cosmetics Packaging Line has totally revolutionised the operational productivity of our US plant. From its top notch unscrambler, through to the filler, the capper and their superb labeller, Shemesh Automation has enhanced our productivity and sharply reduced our production costs while improving our product quality in the process. Shemesh shares our ethos of ensuring that we are always up to date with the latest market trends and new product introductions - the versatility of their machines and the company’s vast know-how therefore, is a major asset. In fact, we were so happy with the Shemesh servo driven piston filler that we have just bought a second one! When you buy Shemesh, it is clear that you are buying a wealth of experience and a guarantee of long-term quality and true partnership. Collaborating with a company that understands the challenges facing your business as well as Shemesh does, is priceless.”
    — Mr. David Zarchin Senior Projects Manager, Emilia Cosmetics

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