ATTILUS Continuous Robotic Trigger, Pump & Screw Capper Machine

ATTILUS Continuous Capping Machine

Get a budgetary quote today!The most versatile Capping Machine to hit the market to date, ATTILUS enables higher speeds and enhanced accuracy in automatic caps, pumps and triggers sorting.

A Robotic Sorter based on Delta Robot and an advanced vision system allows the ATTILUS to sort and orientate caps from the most complex screw tops to trigger and pump caps.

Also, the ATTILUS utilizes a pick & place Cartesian Robotic Arm (gantry two axis robot), which is servo-controlled, to track and deliver the caps to the bottles while in motion, ensuring smoother and faster production.

The ATTILUS operates at up to 80ppm and includes bottle tracking and a synchronized gantry robot based on encoders and servos. Its integrated Siemens/AB PLC & HMI puts the operator in complete control, allowing simple programming – changing formats and course of movement at the touch of a button. The Robotic enhancement of the ATTILUS also ensures changeover downtime is kept to a minimum (under 20 minutes).

The standard ATTILUS features include Servo controlled torque QC and cap position QC, as well as an array of optional features such as: vision QC system for cap position, fully automatic servo-controlled changeover which translates to under 5 mins changeover time and eliminates operators’ interventions and human error, bottle orientation for inclined neck bottles and ATEX/EX Compliance.