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Automated packaging solutions company operating out of the UK, US, France and Israel, Shemesh Automation and Shemesh Automation Wet Wipes are internationally renowned brands with a leading presence in the global packaging (cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and liquid filling machines) and nonwovens arenas. Blending the very best of British business culture with the excellence of the Israeli high-technology mindset, Shemesh Automation is proud to celebrate over 30 years as a family owned and operated business, supporting over 1400 machines across more than 30 countries around the world.

Shemesh Blog

  • Automatic liquid filling machines

    Are your Liquid Filling Machines burning money and your reputation?

    If you are involved in liquid food and sauce packaging, there is a very real possibility that your liquid filling machines are pouring money, and your reputation down the drain. It can be difficult to visualise the impact a substandard automatic liquid filling machine can have on your bottom line, and on how you’re perceived… Read more »

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  • Stand Up For Pouches

    A packaging revolution is taking place that is making life easier for consumers whilst opening up a whole new world of marketing opportunities for manufacturers worldwide.

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  • 5 Reasons not to fear automation

    There is a wide variance of views on whether the growth of machine intelligence – where machines learn to improve their own performance – will have a positive or negative impact on workers and jobs. Whether it is fears over labour-intensive ‘human’ jobs being lost to intelligent machines, the trialling of driverless cars or even popular TV dramas such as Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ with its automated killer drone bees – there is a growing narrative suggesting the advancement of machines will come at a human cost.

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  • How To Choose The Right Liquid Filling Machine For Your Project?

    Trying to decide the best liquid filling machine for your product can sometimes feel confusing and overwhelming with the various options and machines available. Here’s our top questions to consider when choosing the right liquid filling machine for your project!

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