Automatic Conduction Sealing Machines

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SEALPRO Range of Automatic Conduction Sealing Machines

SEALPRO is the name given to the crowning jewel in Shemesh’s range of automatic sealing machines.

From food and drinks to beauty products and wet wipes, millions of products depend on accurate sealing to remain in a sellable condition. The reputation of a manufacturer can often depend, at least partly on the performance of their automatic sealing machines. That is why, choosing the right sealing machine for your product is vital.

The advantages of conduction sealing

Conduction sealing machines like the SEALPRO offer numerous advantages to manufacturers because they:

  • Are energy efficient
  • Can operate at high speeds – Shemesh’s SEALPRO range includes the 200 packs per minute SEALPRO200, for example. Because the heat is applied directly to the seal, the process takes less time than other sealing methods.
  • Apply heat directly to the foil or laminate, until it softens or melts around the containers rim. This bond is strong and airtight, creating a reliable seal.

The most advanced automatic sealing machine of its kind in the market today, the SEALPRO cuts the sealing laminate according to your product size and conduction-seals it accurately in position. It offers six individually temperature-controlled welding heads built inside one robust sealing block, therefore delivering a consistent application of heat to ensure a perfect seal.

Shemesh Automation also offers a wide range of versatile and fully programmable seal, seal-fill, or seal-fill-cap machines in either in-line or monoblock configurations with throughputs in the 1,000-12,000 pph range.

Sealers are offered as either a Cut & Seal solution that cuts and seals film from a reel or as Seal Only solutions, using pre-cut lids.

Products can be formed cups (made of PS, PP, PET, APET CPET, aluminium, and coupled cardboard), trays, bags, or containers (made of plastic, glass and metal).

Solutions are available for sealing only or with vacuum/gas facilities to extend product shelf life.

Build-in QC for YES/NO or Total vacuum seal options are also available.

Shemesh Automation’s SA SEALPRO Sealing Machine has already been sold to industry leading manufacturers in the nonwovens packaging, food & beverage packaging, chemicals packaging, health and beauty packaging and pharmaceuticals packaging sectors.

The most popular Models in the SEALPRO Conduction Machine Sealing Series include:


Operating at speeds of up to 120ppm, the SEALPRO120 offers 6 individually temperature controlled welding heads built inside one robust conduction sealing block that deliver a consistent application of heat to ensure a perfect seal.

Perfect for applying conduction sealed PE-based and foil laminates to oval, round, conic, squared and rectangular containers.

The SEALPRO120 utilizes servo-driven screw feeders for slippage prevention – reducing waste and downtime


The SEALPRO200 offers all the benefits of the SEALPRO120 but running at 200ppm, it is the fastest sealing machine in the Shemesh range. The perfect fit for your high-speed packaging line.


The SEALPRO-J takes the tried and trusted technology utilized in the SEALPRO120 and SEALPRO200 to provide the perfect solution for accurately conduction-sealing buckets and pails. With jumbo-sized sealing heads, the SEALPRO-J is able to apply a seal to up to 25 buckets or pails per minute. The perfect addition to any Buckets Packaging Line!

Automatic Sealing Machine Standard Spec

All machines in the Shemesh range come with the following spec as standard:

  • Industry 4.0-ready
  • FESTO (Germany) pneumatics and servo systems
  • Complete SST304/316L design
  • FDA approved piping as applicable
  • SIEMENS (Germany) PLC, HMI and MOTORS
  • BANNER sensors
  • E-stop buttons and safety interlocks wired through CAT IV safety controller
  • CE Marking.

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