Complete Turnkey Packaging Solutions

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Shemesh Automation offers a full suite of semi or fully automatic in-line Turnkey Packaging Solutions for a wide array of functions and products.

These turnkey lines are NOT made up of generic machines but are developed for the specific market needs required for high quality production.

What are turnkey packaging machines?

Whilst Shemesh’s machinery can be purchased as stand-alone unit, even greater value and efficiency can be achieved by utilising Shemesh’s turnkey expertise.

When you buy multiple machines from Shemesh, whether it’s in the form of a simple fill-cap line or a complete A-Z line (from container feeding all the way through to palletizing), Shemesh’s expert engineers will be on hand to handle the integration, installation, repairs and maintenance whenever you need it.

Purchasing complete turnkey lines from one trusted supplier helps you to maximise ROI by offering:

  • A smooth installation process
  • Fully optimised machine-to-machine integration
  • A single point of contact for maintenance and repairs
  • Savings, compared to paying multiple suppliers for integration and installation
  • Economies of scale on spare parts
  • Access to Shemesh’s expert advice on optimising your entire line for maximum ROI

Our Turnkey Solutions can help you:

  • Expand knowhow
  • Enhance production efficiency
  • Lower costs per unit sold
  • Raise output and product quality
  • Improve market share and overall profit margins for the business.

We have a wide range of complete Turnkey lines, engineered for specific applications across multiple sectors, including:

Turnkey lines incorporate our best-selling premium machinery, Including:

  • Liquid Filling Machines – From linear double-servo driven piston liquid fillers to rotary fillers to Gear Pump or Net Weight fillers – whatever your product, we have a liquid filling machine that will maximise your ROI.
  • Solid and Powder Filling Machines – Our SOLIFILL continuous rotary multi-head weigher based filling machine accurately fills a wide variety of solid products – from powders to nuts, gummies and candies – at speeds of up to 150ppm.
  • Loading Machines – vertically load round wipes into canisters or buckets at speeds of up to 500ppm!
  • Sealing Machines– Our SEALPRO Conduction Sealing Machines cut sealing laminate according to your product size and conduction-seals it accurately in position at speeds of up to 200ppm.
  • Capping Machines – Our comprehensive range of capping machines accurately fixes all common cap types – from screw caps and lug/twist-off caps to pumps, sprays and trigger caps to a wide variety of container types at speeds of up to 180ppm
  • Labelling Machines – A complete range of labelling solutions utilising a powerful combination of Shemesh engineering excellence and the precision of HERMA (Germany) applicators
  • Case Packers– The RELENTLESS Form-Fill-Seal case packers utilise Shemesh’s proprietary designed mechanical or vacuum grippers to pack your products into cases at speeds of up to 25ppm
  • Palletizers – The Shemesh Appolon range utilises the latest robotic technology to provide the perfect end-of-line palletizing solution for your product. And Many More!

Turnkey Machines for Industry 4.0

INDUSTRY 4.0, the digital transformation of industrial markets is already happening and smart manufacturing is at the forefront. You can rely on Shemesh to keep you ahead of the trends, and the competition. All our machines are fitted, as standard, with a Secomea SiteManager™ 1139 modem, integrated into the machine HMI to enable SMART remote support, live stats and performance analysis as well as manufacturer enhancement feedback.

Working across all industry sectors, we have built a reputation for quality; both in terms of our well known Israeli engineering excellence and unparalleled London based customer service. In addition to our core solutions – feeding, loading, filling, capping, sealing, labelling and packing – Shemesh Automation offers turnkey applications as well as monoblock and custom machines. We are also at the forefront of the wet wipes industry. Shemesh Automation Wet Wipes (, our nonwovens operating arm, is considered a world leader and pioneer of nonwoven downstream packaging solutions.

As a family owned and run, globally operated business, our unique mix of people and expertise builds the trust needed for long term partnerships. And, with over 30 years’ experience in the packaging industry, producing high quality solutions for major global manufacturers and supporting over 1400 machines in over 30 countries, no other manufacturer understands today’s business needs and delivers tomorrow’s packaging solutions as effectively as Shemesh Automation.

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