Bucket Lid Denester and Top Conveyor

Get a budgetary quote today!This fully automatic Bucket Lid Denester and Top Conveyor is bi-functional. First, lids are de-nested using SA’s proprietary magazine design for easy and smooth insertion.

Then, lids are picked and placed on to the moving buckets. Afterwards, each bucket with a lid on top moves under SA’s proprietary designed upper belt buckets lids wide conveyor fastener for final pressing.


  • Continuous means continuous.  No need to stop the line for lids loading.
  • Due to integrated Siemens/AB PLC & HMI, Lid types are changeable at the touch of a button!
  • Almost eliminates the need for format parts
  • Dramatically reduces downtime
  • Material: stainless steel SST304.
  • HMI-controlled.
  • Throughput: 25 lids per minute.
  • Up to 120-160 lids in 4 cartridges

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