Front and Back Labelling Machine: LWA120

LWA120 Front and Back labelling machine
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LWA120 Front And Back Labelling Machine – Incredibly Fast, Supremely Accurate, Ultimate Versatility

With the LWA120 Front and Back Labelling Machine we have combined German and Israeli engineering excellence to provide the perfect solution for applying different types of labels to a multitude of container shapes.

Using the HERMA (Germany) rotary labelling applicator model H400 Premium, engineered for SA’s LWA Series has resulted in a range of robust, low-maintenance and built-for-life range of machines with a stunning, better than one third of a millimetre accuracy at speeds of up to 600ppm.

The LWA120 Front and Back Labelling Machine is capable of applying any type of self-adhesive label e.g. P, PE, opaque, transparent, paper, etc.

Available Labelling Machine Systems

  • LWA Front and Back Labelling Machine:  Front and or back application of labels to flat panel or oval containers.
  • LWA Wraparound Labelling machine: Application of wraparound labels to cylindrical containers.
  • LWA Universal Labelling Machine: Front and or back application of labels to flat panel, oval or cylindrical containers. Wraparound labelling for cylindrical and or conical containers. Application of two front labels with orientation to cylindrical containers.
  • Kilombo Stacker/Binder system: The Kilombo uses a double lane converging integration system to aggregate single products into regulated, easily managed stacks. The automatic pack stacker ensures that the product is aligned and oriented into the required stack configuration and presented to the binder labelling applicator.
  • CAROLUS Buckets labeller with orientation: Click here to find out more about the only automatic buckets labeller on the market with revolutionary handle-lifting and label orientation functionality.
  • Semi Automatic Labelling: Where full automation is not required, Shemesh Automation also has a range of semi-automatic options to cater for a wide range of requirements. With our semi-automatic solutions, products would be manually fed into the labelling machine, where labels would be automatically applied, before the product is manually removed.

Other Labelling Applications

  • Top, and or Side, and or Bottom labelling
  • Tamper Evident Labelling
  • Multiple Sided Labelling
  • Case Labelling