Valextra High Speed Snap-On Automatic Capping Machine

Valextra Automatic Capping Machine Shemesh Automation

Get a budgetary quote today!Advanced High Speed Snap-on Automatic Capping Machine With Smart Orientation For Round, Oval And Other Shaped Lids

Ideal for infants formula packages, canisters wipes or any other snap-on application, the Valextra Automatic Capping Machine is specifically designed to accurately, consistently and fully automatically apply round, oval and other shaped snap on lids on containers with multiple orientations available (container orientation, lid orientation and lid-to-container orientation).

“Perfected over decades of continuous improvement with over 50 models sold globally, the Valextra Automatic Capping Machine has the classic Shemesh DNA: consistency in production, accuracy, pragmatism, attention to details and robustness. It is a genuinely made-to-last capper of the highest standards in the industry.” – Shai Shemesh, CEO


  • Fully automatic
  • Speed: models offered in 60-200 products/minute range (with orientation).
  • Sanitary welding, design and build standard
  • Lids and containers orientation as needed using servo, vision and proprietary mechanical designs
  • Built-in quality control & defects reject system
  • Explosion proof and corrosion proof models available
  • Supporting both oval, round and other shaped lids and containers
  • Easy and fast to clean, format changeover, and maintain
  • Compatible and seamlessly integrates with the rest of the Shemesh Automation product portfolio
  • Industry 4.0 ready