Cannabis and CBD Automated Packaging Machinery

Cannabis and CBD Automated Packaging Machinery

Shemesh Automation manufactures premium Cannabis and CBD Automated Packaging Machinery.

With over 30 years’ experience, we engineer a complete range of individual and end-to-end systems that make your production faster, smarter and more cost effective.

HOW WE WORK: Cannabis and CBD Automated Packaging Machinery

Any high-quality packaging line needs top-notch machinery at its core. Shemesh Automation’s range of core-line machinery offers innovation at every stage, and reliability you can count on. Shemesh manufactures premium filling and packaging machinery for both flexible and rigid packaging.

Our feature-rich products offer strict waste management, minimum downtime, safety, product protection, quality control, operational flexibility and long-term reliability. We do this all under one umbrella leveraging our innovative approach and engineering expertise.

Our Range of premium Cannabis and CBD Automated Packaging Machinery

Our Cannabis automated packaging solutions include feeding machines, denesters, unscramblers, labellers, loading machines, filling machines, sealing, capping and labelling solutions, as well as case packers and palletisers, all tailored to the cannabis industry. We also have CBD Liquid Oil Filling Machines.



SA-CF120: Fully Synchronized CBD Containers Unscrambler

  • Existing models throughputs offered in 20-200 units per minute
  • Fully synchronised and fully automatic



EXANE: Automatic Inverting Air Rinser

  • Fully automatic
  • Variable speed conveyor & a sub-15-minute tool less changer over
  • Supports both oval and round containers
  • Suitable for plastic and glass containers
  • Speed: 7-8 containers per cycle and up to 60 containers per minute
  • Standard air filter with upgrades available
  • Throughput model range 20–200 ppm



STRATUM:  In-line Servo Driven Automatic CBD Liquid Oil Filling Machine

  • Positive displacement double servo driven piston & diving nozzle filler
  • Throughput available from 2 to 12 heads or 40-180ppm for up to 500ml liquid vol
  • Suitable for viscous and free flowing liquids
  • Applicable to containers of most common shapes and sizes
  • Throughput: 12-16 cycles per minute per filling station depending on liquid characteristics, for portioning of up to 500ml
  • Available as automatic or semi-automatic

FGW120: Positive Displacement Gear Pump Linear Automatic CBD Liquid Oil Filling Machine

  • Throughput model range 20-200ppm
  • Easily adjusted to fill various volumes with high range of viscosities
  • Under 20 minutes tool-less changeover time
  • Boasts proprietary screw-less shower head nozzles with no drip or overflow
  • Supporting oval, conical, round and rectangular canisters



SEALPRO: Fully automatic Laminate Cutting and Thermo Sealing Machine for CBD products

  • Fully automatic laminate cutting and thermo sealing machine with throughputs from 20-200ppm
  • Available in either in-line or monoblock configurations with fully programmable seal, seal-fill, or seal-fill-cap features

ENCORE: Induction Lid Sealer

  • Pre-cut laminate hermetic induction sealer
  • Seamlessly integrated to our product portfolio (mechanical, software, electrical)



THORO: Screw/Twist Off/Ropp Capper For CBD products

  • Sanitary servo-driven cam design to provide super-accurate, leak-free capping
  • Available in both semi-automatic and fully automatic
  • 60, 120 or 180ppm models available with either I, II or III capping stations
  • Wide variety of containers or bottles (eg plastic,glass etc)
  • Pick & Place method for accurate screw or twist-Off capping
  • Clipping method for accurate snap-on and/or push-pull capping

VALEXTRA: Advanced Snap-on Capper

  • Complete orientation available to ensure accurate lid vs container positioning
  • Speeds available in up to 200ppm
  • Lid hopper can contain up to 300ltr/4000 lids (80mm diameter size)

ALANTRA: Auto Air Pump and Trigger Nozzle Capper

  • Trigger and/or spray pump automatic feeding, orientation & capping
  • Semi-automatic (accommodates up to 2 operators) or fully-automatic (for hands-free operation) models available
  • Throughput: 60 containers/min or up to 120 containers/min (double station)
  • Sanitary design
  • Handles wide variety of containers, bottles and shapes (eg plastic, glass, round, square, cylindrical, conical, etc)
  • Pick & Place method for accurate capping
  • Digital, servo-driven adjustable torque for flexibility and precision
  • Universal proprietary gripper fits both spray and trigger caps. No tools, no downtime required



LWA Labelling Series

  • LWA Front and Back labelling to flat panels or oval containers
  • LWA Wraparound labelling to cylindrical and conical containers
  • LWA Universal Labelling: Front and/or back application of labels to flat panels, ovals or cylindrical containers coupled with a wraparound labelling feature for cylindrical and/or conical containers as well as top and bottom labelling as required

AREVA: High End Labeller and Tray Filler for CBD Vials and Small Round Bottles

  • Offers front and back labelling, partial or full wraparound with orientation unit
  • Quick and easy changeover time
  • Fully hands-free labelling machine designed specifically for vials and small round bottles
  • Different model speeds offered from 20-200ppm
  • Full QC, printing and coding features available including a defects rejection unit

MONOBLOCK Cannabis and CBD Automated Packaging Machinery

SAMBAX SERIES: Auto Feed, Fill, Cap & Over-Cap with QC for Small & Extra Small Containers and Vials for CBD products

  • SAMBAX model for medium containers and vials ranging from 350ml to 5ltr
  • SAMBAX-Z model for small and extra small containers and vials ranging from 5ml to 350ml
  • Western European pharma-grade machine build standard
  • Fully automatic feed, fill, pick & place cap and over-cap with QC
  • Thermal or induction seal, caps or nozzles ‘insertions’ as well as labelling & coding available as an option
  • Models throughput range from 20ppm up to 100ppm

MULTI 1: Horizontal FFS with Integrated Stacker, Packer & Product Auto Feeder for the creation of flat sachets suitable as samples or product promotions

  • Servo-driven cam design
  • Fully automatic feed to form, fill, seal, cut, stack and carton pack sachets with complete QC
  • Coding and printing via an internally integrated, easily accessible Markem Imaje printer
  • Pre-cut perforation
  • Auto stacking and packing of sachets into boxes



RELENTLESS: End-of-Line Case Form, Fill and Seal

  • Throughput: up to 15 cases per minute (SILVERLINE) / up to 25 cases per
    minute (SXS)
  • Ability to handle multiple product types and carton configurations. Servo motor driven container manipulator
  • Quick changeover time
  • Designed for minimum space requirements
  • Versatile configuration with an ability to use all or just part of the functions offered
  • No need to stop for magazine charging

MULTI HEAD WEIGHER – For Cannabis Flowers

  • Suitable for weighing customer’s products where each piece size measures approx. 1”x1”x1”
  • Weight of the mixing can be automatically compensated by the last products
  • Affords high accuracy and tailored load cell
  • Includes a high-speed stagger dump function and new Modular and
  • CAN bus technology
  • Highly efficient and stable outputs



As with all Shemesh machines, all our Cannabis and CBD Automated Packaging Machines comes with the following standard spec:

  • Industry 4.0-ready
  • FESTO (Germany) pneumatics and servo systems
  • Complete SST304/316L design
  • FDA approved piping as applicable
  • SIEMENS (Germany) PLC, HMI and motors (ALAN BRADLEY optional)
  • BANNER sensors
  • E-stop buttons and safety interlocks wired through CAT IV safety controller
  • CE/UL Marking.