Nonwovens Industry: Company Capabilities 2022

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Nonwovens Industry featured our Company Capabilities in their May 2022 edition. You can read the original article here.

Company Capabilities

Our Company

Shemesh Automation Wet Wipes (a division of Shemesh Automation) is the world’s leading maker of A Z canister wipes downstream packaging lines. The company continues to commit towards vertical expertise catering to this specific market with over 30 years of know-how, encompassing revolutionary solutions unseen elsewhere in the industry.

Our Capabilities

Complete lines throughputs offered start at 30ppm and go up to 200ppm. These state-of-the-art lines feature seamless integration, Industry 4.0 enhancements and include complete built-in quality controls and other options as Explosion and Corrosion resistance. Recently, Shemesh has advanced its product range and proudly unveiled the all new SAS500, the world’s fastest round wipes canister loader producing up to 500ppm!

In addition to the ground-breaking SAS500, Shemesh has other exciting rollups such as the CITADEL, the world’s first all-in-one downstream packaging Monoblock design for round wipes in flexible Doypacks, and its XPANDER model for all-in-one rigid canisters downstream packaging.

Product portfolio Main Highlights


1. In-line A-Z Canister Wipes Turnkey Packaging Lines:
These TKS systems start at 60ppm, and go up to 200ppm for canisters, or up to 40ppm for buckets. They feature the company’s flagship wipes canister loader, the SAS series. Officially rolled out in 2013 with nearly 50 units already installed in the US and elsewhere, the SAS is the only truly empirically proven vertical nonwovens rolls stuffer in the world to date.

2. An all-in-one Monoblock design, the XPANDER and XPANDER PLUS:
These smart designs boast the only technology in the world to date suitable for a smaller footprint for complete 30-35ppm round wipes packaging in canisters. The XPANDER may serve both entry-level players and high-volume wet wipes makers seeking manufacturing diversification and frequent changeovers.

3. NEW!! – MOPPIT Lines:
A-Z fully automated turnkey system packaging lines for dry or wet floor mopping cloths in rigid containers.


The CITADEL is the world’s first all-in-one downstream packaging Monoblock machine for round wipes in flexible ready-made  Doypacks. With the CITADEL, stand-up pouches or ready-made bags are stacked in a magazine and automatically fed into a rotary index table where they are opened, loaded with wipes, liquid filled, sealed and discharged. The CITADEL comes in both “R” or “J” models for Refill/consumer or Jumbo wipes respectively

Shemesh is currently celebrating over 1,800 Shemesh machines in more than 30 countries around the world. The second generation owned and operated business is represented in 13 countries around the globe with its HQs US, UK, France and Israel. Its Farnborough-based office coordinates global ops and its Israeli office takes advantage of the incredible local engineering talent and innovation. Shemesh’s unique combination of UK customer-centric service with an Israeli startup mentality to push the technical boundaries, plus the use of top-notch components has greatly contributed to its success. “We don’t just see ourselves as a company that builds cutting-edge machinery. We want to become your partner for a long and successful journey. As such, Shemesh pays particular attention to our after-sales to ensure we provide a premium service. “Let us build your vision” is not just our slogan. Simply put, this is what we do, day-in day-out” – Eli Shemesh, Founder.

You can read the full article, published by Nonwovens Industry here