End of Line Packaging Machinery

Get a budgetary quote today!RELENTLESS-V Form-Fill-Seal Case Packer Modern warehousing and distribution methods mean just about every sector uses pallets for storage and transport of their products in cases. Shemesh Automation has a range of tried and tested end of line packaging solutions to suit any product type.

Applicable sectors

  • Food & Beverages
  • Cosmetics, Health & Beauty
  • Pharma & Biotech
  • Chemicals
  • Nonwovens

Types Of Machinery

  • Case Packers
  • Palletisers
  • Depalletisers

Our range of end-of-line case and tray packers includes the all-in-one servo-driven RELENTLESS solution.

RELENTLESS productivity, RELENTLESS efficiency…

RELENTLESS Complete Form Fill and Seal Case Packer is an end of line complete solution for fully automatic product Feeding, Carton Erecting, Product Manipulation and Configuration, Product Placing and Carton sealing.

Synched. The RELENTLESS Complete Form Fill and Seal Case Packer is designed as a seamlessly synced unit with the SA line.

Turnkey. The RELENTLESS Complete Form Fill and Seal Case Packer is a crucial part of any line that aims to turn empty containers into stuffed/filled, sealed, capped and labelled containers in a sealed case containing the required configuration of finished products.

All the machinery you need to carry out the above functions can be provided by Shemesh Automation as an incredibly efficient turnkey production line.

The RELENTLESS Complete Form Fill and Seal Case Packer is ideal for any common container/carton type in the Food and Beverage, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, and Chemicals industries and is flexible enough to handle a variety of product shapes and case configurations.

Like all machines in the Shemesh range, the RELENTLESS is INDUSTRY 4.0 READY. It includes as standard a SECOMA SiteManager 1139 modem, integrated into the machine HMI to enable SMART remote support, live stats and performance analysis as well as manufacturer enhancement feedback.

RELENTLESS also benefits from top-of-the-line SIEMENS PLC and HMI Control and its horizontal continuous carton magazine means the RELENTLESS does not need to stop for magazine charging. The continuous magazine enhances production productivity and minimizes equipment down time.

RELENTLESS Complete Form Fill and Seal Case Packer Benefits

  • Throughput: up to 15 cases per minute (SILVERLINE) / up to 25 cases per minute (SXS)
  • Ability to handle multiple product types and carton configurations. Servo motor driven container manipulator
  • Smart control and security systems
  • Quick changeover time and easy, cost effective maintenance
  • Designed for minimum space requirements
  • Versatile configuration with an ability to use all or just part of the functions offered
  • RELENTLESS does not need to stop for Magazine charging