New STRATUM Debut at PPMA 2017

After the outstanding success of live demonstrations at INTERPACK (Dusseldorf, May 2017) global packaging experts Shemesh Automation are bringing their best-selling ‘Stratum’ – in-line automatic servo driven filler for viscous and free-flowing liquids – to the UK for the PPMA Show. (Stand B20, NEC Birmingham, 26-28 September 2017).

Already sold to over 100 global players in the food and beverage, health and beauty, and chemical industries – both as a stand-alone unit and as a part of complete turnkey production line – The SA ‘Stratum’ is specifically designed to fill foaming viscous liquids with an ultra-high portioning accuracy of +/- 0.25% of filling volume. Throughput models offered range from 30ppm to over 200ppm.

Unrivalled Versatility, Unerring Accuracy

From water, peanut butter and ink, to pastes, creams and paints – the SA Stratum is designed to fill a wide range of liquids and particulates with a wide spectrum of viscosity levels.

The Stratum is also unerringly accurate thanks to SA’s proprietary ‘no-drip, clear cut’ diving nozzles technology and design. Its bottom-up filling feature, which also allows for a sensitive programmable portioning speed graph for anti-foaming and dripping prevention, means you won’t waste a drop over 0.25% of filling volume!

There’s no substitute for seeing the ‘Stratum’ in the flesh at the PPMA show, but here’s a brief run-down of the ‘Stratum’s’ attributes, just to whet the appetite:

  • Fully automatic positive displacement filler
    All welded to pharma sanitary standards using 316L stainless steel and constructed using USDA/FDA
    approved materials
    Individual Festo (Germany) servo-driven control for each filling station delivering enhanced precision
    and portioning quality
    Viscosity applicable range from 1 to 500,000 Centipoise (water is at 1, peanut butter is at 250,000)
    Portioning range from 100ml/gr-1200ml/gr. Higher volumes of up to 5100ml/gr available. Gear pumps design is also available for higher volumes
    Portioning accuracy of +/- 0.25% of liquid volume
    Proprietary diving nozzles design – bottom up fill built in feature with programmable portioning speed
    graph for foaming and dripping prevention
    Throughput: 10-15 cycles per minute depending on liquid characteristics, for portioning of up to 600ml.
    Higher throughput models available in 4, 6, 8 & 12 head configurations
    Screw free construction with sanitary weldings for all liquid pipes and pipe works
    Sub 20 minutes, tools-free change over
    Fully programmable user friendly Siemens HMI & PLC
    Electro polish, smart liquid tank finishing
    Applicable for hot liquids, up to 95° Celsius
    Easy and fast automatic cleaning mode
    CIP (clean in place) & WIP (wash in place) available
    Flow-Mass Pumps, Gear Pumps or Peristaltic Pumps design is available
    Corrosion-proof & explosion proof upgrades available.

Shai Shemesh, SA’s managing director and the Head of its London offices commented: “As one of our bestselling machines, we knew there was plenty of market interest in our STRATUM filler. However, we were still surprised by the popularity of our live demonstrations at INTERPACK in Germany. So much so, we’ve decided to bring the STRATUM demonstrations to a UK audience at Britain’s premier packaging event – the PPMA show, this September. What visitors can expect to see is the result of a company that religiously deploys over 15% of revenues into R&D, working hard year-on-year to develop and improve the technology behind its machines. This, coupled with our outside-the-box Israeli engineering approach, has helped position us as a market leader in the field of automated viscous filling machinery. The Stratum is designed to dovetail seamlessly with a full Shemesh Automation packaging line so, as always, at the PPMA show we will be happy to discuss our full range of capabilities including Automated Feeding, Loading, Filling, Sealing, Capping, Labelling and Packing”.

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About Shemesh Automation

Operating out of the UK and Israel, Shemesh Automation is an internationally renowned company with a leading presence in global packaging markets in the Food & Beverage, Chemical, Nonwovens, Pharma and Health and Beauty sectors. Blending the very best of British business culture with the excellence of Israeli engineering, SA has enjoyed over 25 years as a family-owned and operated business, and supports over 800 machines across 30 countries around the world.