Kennedy’s Confection: Industry Comment

Kennedy’s Confection Magazine published this article highlighting featuring a comment from Shemesh’s President Shai Shemesh on industry trends he noticed at Interpack. You can read the original article here.

Welcome Home: Interpack at last

Shai Shemesh’s featured comment is as follows: “We noted that many visitors to the Shemesh booth were keen to discuss our ability to deliver complete turnkey packaging lines. Traditionally customers have tended to search for suppliers machine-by-machine, however it’s clear that the advantages in sourcing complete A-Z lines from one trusted manufacturer have become a major consideration across all sectors. For example, one global customer explained that in an ideal world, complete lines across all of their global sites would be manufactured by the same supplier because it would reduce costs, take the headache out of integration and maintenance, and make it far easier to train operators and roll out new sites around the world. 

Versatility was another topic clearly on our customers minds. The latest advancements in robotic technology – as exemplified by our ATTILUS continuous motion capper – are finally giving the customer the ability to configure the same packaging lines for multiple complex product types, without the need for significant downtime and expensive change parts”.

You can read the full article, published by Kennedy’s Confection Magazine in May 2023 here.