Innovations in Food: Shemesh to debut new Lines at Interpack

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Innovations in Food published this article highlighting Shemesh’s upcoming appearance at INTERPACK in Dusseldorf, Germany. You can read the original article here.

Shemesh to Debut Comprehensive New Packaging Lines at Interpack

Shemesh Automation, global manufacturer of high-end packaging solutions, will be showcasing for the first time two of its A-Z turnkey packaging line solutions at Interpack (Hall 15 Stand A27). Interpack is one of the leading processing and packaging exhibitions in the world, taking place at Messe Dusseldorf in Germany from 4-10 May 2023.

Shemesh’s robotic-based Household & Chemical Liquid Bottling Turnkey Solution recognises the growing market need for a robust complete packaging line to be built by one single supplier. The new line from Shemesh has been built to handle the entire packaging process – from feeding, filling, capping, and labelling to case packing and palletising for a wide variety of container and cap shapes and sizes.

The new TKS-B100 is a seamless, uninterrupted bottling line for cleaning products and liquids such as bleach, as well as corrosive and flammable materials, which operates at an impressive rate of 100 bottles per minute. The line features an integrated advanced vision system and multiple ABB Delta Robots for product unscrambling – utilised by ETNA, an automatic bottle unscrambler that can distinguish between bottle shapes – as well as multi-capping and case packing.

Capable of carrying up to 1 gallon capacity containers, typical throughput at 1 litre size is 100ppm. It’s an unbeatable combination when allied with the ATTILUS capping machine with integrated robotics and an advanced vision system. This enables higher speeds, enhanced accuracy and unprecedented flexibility in cap sorting and closing.

The ATTILUS can automatically differentiate between a trigger pump or screw cap and just as easily handle a 45-degree angle bottleneck as well as shaped items that are unstable while travelling on a conveyor. Shemesh’s complete lines essentially cater for multiple products with very quick changeover through programmable touchscreen recipes.

All under one platform to maximize productivity and minimize downtime, visitors to Interpack will learn how having one supplier of all the integrated equipment in a production line brings huge advantages in terms of cost, servicing and the environment.

Joining the TKS-B100 will be Shemesh’s brand-new BuckIt TKS25, a Complete A-Z Packaging line for liquid or solid products in Buckets.

The BuckIt TKS25 line offers completely automated feeding for both buckets and bucket lids with separate continuous denesting machines that each feature a servo-driven interchangeable vertical carousel cartridge for continuous denesting – reducing downtime!

Packing up to 25 buckets per minute, the ‘BuckIt TKS25’ also includes the FGW-J buckets filling and dosing machine for liquid products or an auger filler for powders.

‘BuckIt TKS25’ is complimented by a buckets lids fastener and the CAROLUS Bucket Labelling machine – the first to be developed specifically for buckets. It includes handle treatment mechanism and a proprietary precision orientation system which ensures that the label is placed in exactly the same position on each and every bucket.

The line is completed by a host of end-of-line options including the Relentless-J case packer and Apollon Palletizer.

Perfect for the Food and Beverage, chemicals and pharmaceutical sectors, the BuckIt TKS25 line is also available with additional modifications for the packing of jumbo nonwoven wet wipes in buckets.

The wipes packaging version of the line includes Shemesh’s innovative SAS-J Vertical Wipes Buckets Stuffer. Building on the global success of Shemesh’s SAS Canister Stuffer series, the SAS-J utilizes the same tried and tested technology to accurately stuff round nonwoven rolls into buckets before the wetting phase. The vertical stuffing methodology engineered by Shemesh allows for a smaller machine footprint whilst increasing speed and accuracy.

The wipes line FGW-J utilizes Shemesh-designed, height-adjustable wide nozzles for completely homogenous wetting of nonwoven rolls.

Interpack visitors will also get a taste of the ground-breaking CITADEL range for the complete packaging of wipes in flexible packs. The 25ppm R model Monoblock bagger leads the way for round refill and consumer wipes, while CITADEL-J automatically stuffs jumbo-sized nonwoven rolls into premade bags. It then accurately fills them with liquid (typically three to four litres) while providing constant support beneath the heavy bag, seals the bags and then ejects the finished product at speeds of up to 15 packs per minute. During the show, Shemesh will unveil its newest Citadel model called Citadel-A, which will be able to pack both Jumbo wipes of typically 600ct wipes and above, as well as consumer/refill wipes of typically up to 300ct wipes – all with the very same machine.

Extending its flexible packaging machinery range,  Shemesh will also present ENCORE at the show. A top-of-the-range monoblock flexible pouch filling machine for liquid or solid household products, food and beverages, ENCORE is a robust, fully automatic, servo driven vertical machine capable of speeds of up to 60ppm.

Shai Shemesh, president of Shemesh Automation, said: “It brings our customers a significant competitive advantage when they can source every single component in an entire packaging line from a single innovative supplier like Shemesh. We’ve pioneered multiple developments in robotics technology and vision systems to make our machines faster, more efficient and more adaptable, which in turn improves our customers’ productivity and speed to market. To the best of my knowledge, we’re the only manufacturer in the world that can offer complete end-to-end solutions like this for multiple packaging applications.”

You can read the full article, published by Innovations in Food on 4th April 2023 here.