Buckets Packaging Line for Chemicals

bucket filling machine shemesh automation
Buckets Denester
Buckets Filling Machine
Automatic Buckets labeller Shemesh Automation
Buckets Filling Machine
Bucket lid top conveyor
Bucket Lid Denester and Conveyor


Installation, Service, Parts, Delivery & Training, under ONE umbrella

Designed to provide complete A-Z packaging of chemicals in buckets, this ultra-low-downtime line offers manufacturers a huge competitive advantage as all machines contained within the line are made by one manufacturer. This means the line is seamlessly integrated, easily controlled and all parts and services are offered under a single one-stop-shop umbrella.

The line includes :

Quick Fact Sheet:

  • As little as 2 operators from nested buckets to pallets of filled, sealed & labelled buckets in boxes
  • Strikingly low changeover downtime, raw materials waste and space requirement design, leading to substantial costs savings
  • Top industry standard filling accuracy
  • Throughput of up to 25 buckets/minute with 3,500ml liquid vol
  • NOT just generic machines but equipment designed for the specific market needs of high quality Chemicals production.
  • 316 Stainless Steel & electro polished steel smart liquid tank
  •  ATEX-rated and machinery available