Automated Nonwoven Wipes Capping Machine CIW120

CIW Snap-on Capping Machine
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The World’s Most Advanced Automatic Capping Machine For Lids Of Rolled Wipes In Canisters

Specifically designed for rolls of nonwoven wipes, a part of our first-class Rolled Wipes Downstream Series, the versatile CIW120 Automatic Capping Machine can accurately cap a wide range of canister lids. Not only have we managed to bring changeover time to a minimum, but we’ve also designed a special lids-deformation prevention mechanism while making it possible to easily handle virtually every type of canister lid existing in the market with just one machine.

Capping Method

Followed by cap placement-through-movement, canisters are directed to a dual-side-belt conveyor for accurate positioning and pressing.

Anti Deformation System

The CIW120 Automatic Capping Machine contains a Shemesh Automation proprietary-design anti-deformation system which stops caps from becoming deformed during the capping process. This industry leading innovation provides yet more efficiency to your canister packaging process, reducing waste and downtime.

Easy Adjustment

The CIW Capping Machine has a user friendly design, with a rotating handle to adjust the machine for a variety of canister heights. This means no additional set-up parts are required should you wish to put a range of different canisters through your line.

Full Wet Wipes Range

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  • Fully automatic
  • Speed: 120-130 canisters per minute
  • Also available: CIW60 for speeds of 50-60 per minute, CIW150 for 140-150 per minute and CIW200 for 190-200 per minute
  • Seamlessly synchronized with the rest of the Rolled Wipes Downstream Equipment Series
  • Applicable to most canister lids existing in the market
  • Sanitary design for highest standards of rolled wipes production
  • Machine development is continuous and constantly improved for over a decade
  • Operationally proven in the Industry with over 50 machines delivered globally
  • Easy and fast to clean, change for different product size setup and maintain
  • Optional: additional setups for various product size range
  • Optional: Explosion proof version