Craft Spirits Mag: Shemesh to Demonstrate at ACSA Convention


Thanks to Craft Spirits Magazine for publishing the following piece about our appearance at the ACSA Convention. You can read the full piece here:

Shemesh to Demonstrate at ACSA Convention

Shemesh Automation will be showcasing high-end packaging machinery solutions for the drinks industry at the American Craft Spirits Association’s 9th Annual Distillers’ Convention and Vendor Trade Show at Booth 643 on July 21-24 in New Orleans. Crafted with over 30 years’ experience serving manufacturers around the world, Shemesh offers a complete range of equipment tailored specifically to the demands of craft spirits and liquors production.

Packaging plays an important role in promoting brand awareness and shelf appeal in the very competitive American craft spirits and liquors market. Shemesh Automation’s team of experts will be on hand to demonstrate how they can help craft distillers to enhance their production and product appearance at the same time.

The American craft spirits market needs verstatile filling, and tamper evident capping and labelling machinery that fits its specific packaging requirements. At the convention, the Shemesh Automation team will introduce an industry-specific range of filling technologies engineered for the craft spirits market, from Low or High Vacuum Gravity Filling to Tankless Pressure Gravity Filling. Shemesh will also showcase their Rinse-Fill-Cap Monobloc series (starting from 9 Rinser Heads, 9 Filling Valves and 1 Capping Head) as well as Single-Head or Rotary Cappers that are designed for ROPP, T-Cork, Screw and other common spirits caps.

Bourbon, gin, vodka – to name just a few – can come in a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. Downtime for changing lines to accommodate different items can result in lost revenue. What’s needed is a hands-off approach with cutting-edge equipment that encompasses all aspects of downstream packaging from liquid filling to capping, continuous labelling and case packing.

Meeting turnaround and volume targets can also be challenging – investment in reliable, compact machinery is the ace up the sleeve that can help meet these challenges head on. Shemesh boasts a broad portfolio of in-house manufactured unscramblers, labellers and case packers, while the company’s robotics and vision division offers cutting-edge palletizing solutions as well as unique case packing, capping, feeding & sorting systems.

A complete downstream turn-key solution akin to the multi-range gin feeding, filling and capping line that Shemesh supplied to a major UK contract packer just recently can help expand know-how, enhance production efficiency, lower costs, raise output and product quality as well as consequently improve market share and overall profit margins for the business across time.

An efficient piece of automation machinery will fill bottles and accurately place labels on bottles or cans at a far faster rate than even the quickest manual operator. Labels must be applied correctly so as not to compromise the presentation quality and critical message to consumers.  Highly automated processes require less close operator interaction.

Consumers are drawn to attractive, professional packaging and craft spirits producers depend on high-speed, low-downtime, minimum waste solutions to increase their bottom line. A  trustworthy supply partner like Shemesh will ensure that both of these happen come rain or shine, a win-win situation for producers of craft spirits and all who enjoy them.

For more info on the full range of machines and Shemesh Automation visit Or meet Shemesh’s team of craft spirits packaging experts in person on Booth 643 at ACSA’s 9th Annual Distillers’ Convention and Vendor Trade Show (New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center July 21–24).

This article was first published on (14 July 2022) You can read the full article here.