Choosing the perfect Liquid Filling Machine: Food & Beverages

Food liquid filling machines

There are a number of key variables to consider when using automatic food or beverage liquid and bottle filling machines.

As well as the issues discussed in our previous blog, it’s important to consider:

  1. 1. What temperature does the liquid need to be filled at?
  2. 2. Does the liquid contain particulates (as with relishes and pickles, for example)?
  3. 3. Does your automated liquid filling machine meet your market’s hygiene standards?
  4. 4. If your product contains alcohol, do you need ATEX rated machinery?

Shemesh Automation has over 30 years experience delivering bespoke-engineered liquid filling machines to food and drink producers all over the world. From “Double Jacket” heated tanks for hot-filled sauces to built in agitators for particulates, Shemesh has you covered. The STRATUM is made with 316L stainless and USDA/FDA approved materials. It is welded to pharma sanitary standards.

The Stratum is a high-performance solution. Its Festo (Germany) Double Servo Liquid and bottle Filling tech results in a staggering +/-0.25% of liquid volume accuracy.

Viscosity matters when choosing your liquid filling machine

From water, peanut butter and ink, to pastes, creams and paints – the Shemesh Automation Stratum is built to fill a wide range of liquids and particulates with various viscosities.

Also, if your product has a high alcohol content, it’s also important to consider safety.

Tailor your equipment so that it is able to handle these delicate environments.

Years of experience in the field have made it possible for us to tailor you the exact protection you need.

Your product will be safe and stable, and your people will and equipment will be well protected. Keeping your facility at the top of the range matters.

As with all Shemesh machinery, our STRATUM liquid filling machine is available with ATEX protection. Contact us to find out more.

In the meantime, take a look at this shemesh-built 100ppm viscose-liquid filling, capping and labelling line for condiments. Let us build your vision!