Flexible Packaging Machines

Liquid Filling by the Shemesh Citadel monoblock packer for wet wipes in flexible packs
Citadel monoblock packer for wet wipes in flexible packs
Citadel monoblock packer for wet wipes in flexible packs
Bag sealing by the Shemesh CITADEL-R Complete monoblock packer for wipes in Refill and Consumer Flexible packs

Get a budgetary quote today!Shemesh Automation boasts a series of unique all-in-one Monoblock Packaging Solutions, encompassing all aspects of downstream packaging including doypack feeding, filling, sealing, capping, double-capping, weighing, labeling QC and discharging.

These ultra-smart monoblock configurations are ideal for projects involving pharma, cosmetics and food and beverage for soups, nonwoven wipes, pastes and other such products.

Benefits of Monoblock Flexible Packaging Machines

  • Everything you need, in one smart unit
  • Small footprint
  • Requires as few as 2 operators (hands-free versions also available)
  • Designed for operational flexibility and ultra low, tools free sub-40 minutes format parts changeover

Top Monoblocks in the Shemesh range include the:



Fully Automated Package Machine – Bag/Pouch Feed, Roll Stuffing, Liquid Filling, Bag/Pouch Sealing, All-in-One Block with Full QC.

Built on decades of industry experience supporting the wipes manufacturing sector with our in-line, high throughput downstream packaging portfolio, Shemesh Automation is once again first to market with an all-in-one system designed specifically to serve round wipes in the flexible packaging market.

The CITADEL Automated Packaging Machine harnesses all the knowledge and innovations that were key to our globally successful XPANDER monoblock for wipes in canisters and other nonwovens packaging technologies such as the SAS120 stuffer. The tried and tested all-in-one monoblock design of the CITADEL Automated Packaging MachineCITADEL encompasses all aspects of round wipes downstream packaging from bags/pouches feeding, roll stuffing, liquid filling, bag sealing with full built-in QC!

The CITADEL has a throughput of up to 30ppm (refill size)/ 8-12ppm (jumbo size) and is the only machine of its kind available on the market today — far exceeding the sophistication of existing market solutions.


With operating speeds of up to 60ppm, the ENCORE Pouch Filling Machine is a robust, fully automatic, servo driven vertical index machine. It is specifically designed as a single block for the downstream packaging of liquid, solid food, tablets or powder in flexible bags.

Representing the state of the art packaging technology the ENCORE includes fully filling, portioning and sealing and functions as a hands-free turnkey unit.

Shemesh’s unique ENCORE monoblock has a filling range of 50ml to 5L and operates at speeds of up to 30ppm/60ppm (regular size), 8-12 (jumbo size)