Machinery Update: Gummies Line

Shemesh’s Gummies Packaging Line was mentioned in an article in the November/December edition of Machinery Update. You can read the relevant part on pg47 here.

This year has also seen Shemesh Automation launch a new nutraceutical gummies line that offers end-to-end solutions for all bottle shapes.

Shemesh’s VP Global Sales and Business Development Yonatan Levy says Shemesh is the only machinery manufacturer to provide an entire uninterrupted bottling line for gummies and jellies where all the machinery in the line is made by just one manufacturer.

“It’s hugely beneficial for customers to be able to partner with a single manufacturer capable of meeting all their needs for gummy packaging from product feed to palletising”  he says.

You can read the relevant part in the original article on pg47 of the November/December 2022 edition here