Shemesh to offer live demonstration of Buckets Line at PPMA

Shemesh to demo buckets line at PPMA Show 2016

Shemesh Automation to offer exclusive live demonstration of  innovative Buckets Line at PPMA

“Every time Shemesh Automation (SA) sets foot inside the PPMA Total event, we aim to steal the show with a new industry-changing innovation. ​” – Shai Shemesh, Managing Director

This year will be no different as ​SA will be offering, for the first time​ ever​, ​a ​live demonstration of ​its​ buckets line featuring fully automated filling, buckets lids de-nesting, capping and ​smart ​labelling functions.​ The line will demonstrate some “smart” features such as continuous raw materials top up (i.e. this happens without having to stop the line) or smart labelling orientation while the bucket handles are being automatically lifted, and smart quality control.

Just one of the highlights in the highly-innovative line is the FGW-J series –  a gear pump equipped, linear dosing & filling machine with multiple SA dosing and filling stations built specifically for the wetting process of nonwoven rolls in buckets.

The FGW-J series boasts Ultra-wide shower head nozzles for homogenous liquid absorption and faster filling – which means higher throughput and minimized spillover.

Specific benefits of using the FGW-J series’ unique gear pump system which helps give customers the edge over their competition, include:

  • Range – Filling volume range is theoretically unlimited. Portioning volume and speed tuning and fine-tuning are fast and easy via the machine’s HMI
  • Fully automatic dosing and positive displacement pumps filling
  • Accuracy- A mere +/- 0.5% tolerance of filling volume, saving waste!
  • Sanitation- Inherently cleaner than most other methodologies existing in the market
  • Space – Fewer pumps are required for the same filling volume, saving space!
  • User friendly – Filling volume and throughput is controlled for either all or each pump with no-tools through the HMI interface (impossible with volumetric filler)
  • Maintenance- Is easier to do and less expensive
  • Reliability – This Methodology is the most reliable and cost effective over time

The innovation doesn’t stop there though. Once filled the buckets move on to SA’s prolific De Nester machine.

The De Nester is fully integrated into the line and boasts SA’s proprietary magazine design for easy and smooth lids insertion. A key feature of the De Nester that immediately creates a competitive advantage is that the magazine can be topped up without stopping the machine. Non-stop operation means maximum productivity.

Fast and accurate lidding is made easy by the De Nester’s Pick & Place Module, for accurate placement of the lids on top of the containers, and SA’s automatic lids fastener with ultra-wide conveyor fastener for final pressing. All of which contributes to a throughput of 20-24 lids per minute.

SA’s Buckets side labeller helps to minimize errors and wastage as it uses a pneumatic fingers separator to ensure an accurate, high-speed feed and registration of each bucket before they even arrive at the three rolls labelling zone. The unwind unit maintains a constant web tension, preventing tolerance issues at the peel bar.

Throughout the entire line, you will find the quality features associated with the Shemesh Automation brand. From the line’s sanitary build, to our promise that all flexible piping is FDA approved, all machine parts and conveyors are stainless steel 304 or 316 where liquid flows, and are sourced from premium global suppliers.

T​he demonstrated​ ​smart buckets packaging system​ was​ purchased by Techtex one of the UK’s largest suppliers of healthcare and industrial fabrics. The new features in this unique system will change the way you think about the bucket-filling process – but don’t take our word for it, come and see for yourself!​

PPMA Total Show 2016: 27-09-2016, Stand D24.


Shemesh to demonstrate Buckets Line at PPMA 2016


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