Shemesh Relaunches Space-saving, Sustainable Range of Monoblock Packaging Solutions

Xpander, Stuffer, liquids filling, sealing, capping Monoblock for rolls in canisters

Shemesh Automation, a global manufacturer of high-end packaging machinery, has relaunched its space-saving, sustainable range of monoblock (monobloc) all-in-one packaging solutions dedicated to the nonwovens sector. The packaging leader will be highlighting its enhanced Monoblock machine series with state-of-the-art technologies at its stand at IDEA22.

The Monoblock series from Shemesh Automation encompasses all aspects of downstream packaging from cans & wipes feeding, loading, dosing and sealing through to capping, a full built-in QC and smart weight checking. Thanks to the maintenance-friendly design, operators have optimum accessibility
of machine parts allowing for tool-less changeovers quickly and safely. In terms of sustainability, the monoblock machines save energy and allow the use of eco-friendly and recyclable
packaging for better sustainability.

“Our goal is to offer wet wipes manufacturers flexible filling, sealing and capping machinery that fits their specific requirements,” says Art Malinowski, CMO. “The ability to flexibly handle a variety of packaging and products is a key advantage in the highly competitive wet wipes market. Also, we deliver
significant sustainability benefits and reductions in operational costs – alongside fast throughputs.

That’s an unbeatable ROI for all of our customers.” Taking center stage is the latest model Xpander+, a fully automatic all-in-one packaging machine with completely hands-free operation at a throughput of up to 35ppm. Xpander+ is a fully integrated compact monoblock system (1850mm L x 1650mm W excluding inlet conveyors). This monoblock is equipped with a servo-driven pump system, height adjustable nozzles, and filling accuracy of +/-0.5% of liquid volume eliminating spillage and therefore increasing production efficiency.

Furthermore, the dosing station incorporates exchangeable nozzles and integrated CIP (Cleaning in Place) for greater clean configurations. “What differentiates the Xpander+ from its Xpander sister unit is that fully automatic feeders can be added to the existing modules,” Malinowski adds. “This in turn means the Xpander+ can be operated completely ‘hands-free,’ delivering much greater operating efficiencies. It brings together all of our proven technologies in a single application and is also
suitable for recyclable containers.”

Shemesh’s Citadel range goes from strength to strength. First up there’s the all-in-one monoblock design of the Citadel-R (2241mm L x 3036mm W, with inlet conveyors) and Citadel-J for jumbo size containers (3260mm L x 2270mm W, with inlet conveyors) encompassing all aspects of round wipes downstream packaging, from bags/pouches feeding and roll stuffing to liquid filling and bag sealing with full built-in QC. The filling station is designed with total flexibility in mind to have an unlimited filling range, offering adjustable pump portioning.

After the sealing process, the containers are led into the cooling and discharging zone, where they’re given the optimal cooling time for any particular material. The product is then passed through a check seal and weigh system which will reject any irregular product via a discharge conveyor. Citadel models are space-saving yet complete monoblock solutions for round wipes packaging in ready-made bags, have an impressive throughput of up to 30ppm with Citadel-R (pouches sizes up to 250mm W and 350mm H) and up to 15ppm (Citadel-J for jumbo size – up to 500mm W and 550mm H).

Shemesh is now introducing its new machine, the CitadelX which is a very fast monoblock for this application. Currently, in final production, the Citadel-X is based on its Citadel forerunners and will deliver even more impressive speeds of 100-120ppm all-in-one downstream packaging for dry and/
or wet applications when packing up to 300ct rolls in standup-pouches. Malinowski concludes, “With our new Citadel models, we successfully identified a gap in the market by listening to our clients to deliver the complete packaging process of round wipes in doypacks. The new Citadel-X design, in particular, builds upon decades of Shemesh Automation’s proven expertise in different technologies, such as liquid filling, rolls stuffing, bag feed, bag opening, and conduction sealing. We’re
looking forward to sharing this and other class-leading features with customers at IDEA22 in Miami.”