Craft Spirits Magazine: Automation for an evolving marketplace

Shemesh in Craft Spirits Magazine

Thanks to Craft Spirits Magazine for publishing the following piece about the impact our automated packaging machinery can have on craft spirits production and product aesthetics. You can read the full piece here. (pg 68-69)

Automation for an evolving marketplace

Packaging plays an important role in promoting brand awareness and shelf appeal in the very competitive American craft spirits market. Data released by Park Street and the American Craft Spirits Association reveal that by August 2021 the number of active craft distillers in the U.S. had grown by to 2,290. The craft spirits market volume reached over 12 million nine-liter cases in retail sales, an annual growth rate of 7.3%. In value terms sales are running at $6.7billlion. That’s an awful lot of liquor!

Large producers make up only 1.6% of the total number of craft producers but are responsible for over half of the cases sold in the U.S. So how can sustainable, well-designed packaging and correctly positioned labelling, that is distinctive and does what it says on the bottle, help smaller independent producers boost their share of the market?

You can continue to read the rest of the article, which was published on 21/7/22  here. (pg68-9)