Shemesh Building With Sustainability and Consistency in Production in Mind

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Any major manufacturer around the world, has either heard of, or is using a Shemesh Automation machine. Of course, with COVID-19 the demand for some machines, such as those used in the downstream packaging of wet wipes, has gone through the roof. Shemesh has dramatically upscaled the production of many of its machines over the last few months, including the Xpander, – a complete monoblock packer for round wipes in canisters. Shemesh is proud to be doing its part in the fight against COVID-19 with the demand for its machines at an all-time high, however, Shemesh’s CEO, Shai Shemesh, is conscious of keeping their footprint and any waste to an absolute minimum.

Mr. Shemesh commented: “When manufacturers buy a Shemesh packaging machine, they know we are with them for the long-haul. A major part of that is pushing all boundaries necessary to ensure their line is as efficient and eco-friendly as it can possibly be. We’re proud of our record of continuous improvement in terms of sustainability. We also continue to push for a lower footprint in all the incredible machines we manufacture and I’m proud to know that we are leaders in this area”.

As such, all Shemesh machines are designed and built with sustainability in mind. They’re engineered from the ground up to minimise waste. For example, with every cycle of our FGW120 liquid filling machine for round wipes in canisters, the filling nozzles are positioned inside the can, exactly above the roll but below the can’s opening – eliminating spillage.

The FGW120 has a portioning tolerance of just +/- 2gr of filling volume as well as an anti-overflow proprietary mechanism. Its anti-drip proprietary ultra-wide screwless shower nozzles dramatically reduce waste. Downtime is also significantly reduced. With a changeover duration of only 20 minutes, precious time is saved.

The Shemesh SEALPRO – the world’s most advanced fully automatic laminate cutting and conduction sealing machine – is also built for sustainability.  For example, it has a maximum foil waste between batches of 15-20mm and tolerance margin of 3-4mm with a trim of 10mm to reduce waste.

The proof is in the pudding, however, as Shemesh’s customers are extremely happy with how their machinery has helped them save waste. For example, John Prentice, CEO of Allied Hygiene, UK said ‘Since installing the Shemesh all-in-one Xpander wetwipes packer in our UK plant, we are already benefitting from significant reductions in manufacturing costs and waste whilst seeing an overall improvement in quality. The small footprint as well as the nearly handsfree smart automation has resulted in extra factory space for us to increase capacity.

Meanwhile, Zvi Nachum from i-Med Pharma said ‘…the Multi-1 itself would ultimately make us tremble with its accuracy, production consistency, attention to the smallest detail and its staggering consistency – all of which are truly overwhelming…’

All Shemesh’s machines are not just eco-friendly, but they’re built to the highest spec including being industry 4.0 ready, made with top-quality components, having CE Markings and are FDA approved.