Shemesh Automation Wet Wipes to showcase global firsts at Anex ’18

Shemesh Automation Wet Wipes (SAW), a global leader in nonwovens downstream packaging, will once again change the landscape of round wipes packaging when it showcases, amongst other new innovations, the world’s fastest wipes loading machine – SAS250 – at Anex18 (Stand 110).

Already sold to a major wet wipes manufacturer, the SAS250 is the world’s fastest vertical round wipes
canisters stuffer, reinventing operations and efficiency.

The SAS250 operates at twice the speed of its revolutionary sister machine, the SAS120. Concisely, its main advantages are:

  • Methodology. Vertical chute and a main servo-driven rotary turret
    Tolerance. Rolls diameter may be bigger by up to 3mm then the canister opening, a BIG plus!
    Synergy. Compatible with all our downstream portfolio and offered converting machines
    Setups, operation & maintenance. Sub 30 minutes changeover downtime. Easy to operate & maintain
    Speed. Up to 250ppm throughput. Proven operation with connection to multiple converting machines

Video demonstrations of the SAS250 in action will be available at Anex 18 (Stand 110).

Complete Turn-key wipes packaging lines

The SAS250 is only part of a full range of round wipes packaging solutions in the SAW portfolio – all of which the SAW team will be on hand to guide you through, at Anex 18.

Available as stand-alone units, or as part of a complete turn-key wipes packaging line, the SAW range

    • SACF Cans unscrambler: Fully automatic unscrambling for canisters
      SAS 250: The World’s fastest vertical rolls stuffing machine
      FGW Liquid Filler: Offering unique no-drip, no – ”nonwoven overflow” shower nozzles boasting
      0.5% accuracy in fill & portioning
      Sealpro Thermo Cut and Seal Machine: Ultra-accurate sealing with speeds of up to 200ppm
    • CIW Automatic Capper: Offers unique ‘no lids deformation’ mechanism.
    • LWA Labelling Series: Total labelling solutions offered for all common industry packaging types.
    • RELENTLESS Form, Fill and Seal Case Packer: An end of line complete solution for fully automatic product Feeding, Carton Erecting, Product Manipulation and Configuration, Product Placing and Carton sealing.

These are NOT generic machines but were developed for the specific market needs required for high-quality canisters wipes production, and just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the innovations the SAW team will be discussing at Anex ’18.

Monoblock Solutions

Also available at Anex will be video demonstrations of SAW’s unique all-in-one monoblocks for rigid and flexible wipes packaging- encompassing all aspects of round wipes downstream packaging from wipes loading, dosing, and sealing through to capping, a full built-in QC and smart weight checking.

Xpander Plus Monoblock

The unique all-in-one monoblock design of SAW’s Xpander series, encompasses all aspects of round wipes canister downstream packaging from cans & wipes feeding, loading, dosing, and sealing through to capping, a full built-in QC and smart weight checking. The Xpander has a throughput of up to 35ppm and is the only machine of its kind available on the market today.

  • Advantages include:
    Virtually “hands-free” operation
    Height-adjustable filler nozzles – eliminates spillage and minimizes waste
    Newly developed capping mechanism for round cans lids
    Advanced QC including multiple check-weighers
    Designed for operational flexibility and ultra-low changeover downtime
    A newly developed design for vertical wipes can loading
    Easy-to-access ‘smart’ controls with multiple HMI’s
    Throughput of 30-35 products/minute with up to 450cc liquid volume
    Up to five conveyors feeding in and out
    Truly universal – supports both round and oval-shaped cans, screw and push lids, and wrap around
    front/back labeling

Complete packaging line for round wipes in buckets

Harnessing all the technological breakthroughs and engineering advances made in the delivery of our turnkey canister lines, SAW also offers complete bucket packaging lines.

Advantages include:

  • As little as 2 operators from the master roll to a bucket packed in a box
    Strikingly low changeover downtime, raw materials waste and space requirement design, leading to
    substantial costs savings
    Dosing accuracy of 0.25% of liquid volume- reducing waste!
    Throughput of up to 25 buckets/minute with 3,500ml liquid vol
    NOT just generic machines but equipment designed for the specific market needs of high quality
    bucket-wipes production.
    316 Stainless Steel & electro polished steel smart liquid tank
    CAROLUS labelling machine for buckets includes automatic handle lifting for label orientation ensuring your labels are fixed to the same position on every bucket

Citadel Monoblock

The Citadel is a revolutionary all-in-one monoblock packer designed for ready-made bags.
With the Citadel, bags are stacked in a magazine and fed into a rotary index table where they are opened, loaded with wipes, liquid filled, sealed and discharged.

Benefiting from top out-of-the-box Israeli engineering, the Citadel offers a throughput of up to 30 products per minute and is made to service the jumbo rolls (J Series), standard wet wipes in flexible packs and refill markets (R Series).

  • Throughput: 12/30 products per minute (Jumbo/Refill)
    Package type: standard wet wipes in flexible packs and refill bags
    Hands-free operation when connected to a rewinder
    All machine parts are stainless still 304 or 316 for parts exposed to liquid
    Machine base RHS 40 cube shape stainless steel
    Sub 40 minutes, tools free machine changeover

Shai Shemesh, SAW’s managing director commented: “After the success of our European and North American shows in 2017, we’re delighted to be able to showcase our very latest innovations in the Far East at Anex 18. For the first time, visitors to the stand will be able to view real footage of our brand-new CITADEL round wipes pouch packer as well as our SAS250 Vertical wipes stuffer – the fastest machine of its kind in the world. Of course, our team of experts will be on hand to discuss our full range of nonwovens packaging machinery including our world-renowned loading, filling, sealing capping and labelling machines and complete turnkey lines”.

For more info on the full range of our filling machines visit:

About Shemesh Automation:

With over 30 years in the industry, Shemesh Automation is a global leader in the high-end packaging and assembly machinery and industrial automation appliances manufacturing arena. The family-owned business supports almost 2,000 assets in over 30 countries around the world. Its nonwovens arm, Shemesh Automation Wet Wipes ( is a global pioneer in nonwovens downstream packaging equipment with cutting-edge technology positioned at the very forefront of the industry.

Shemesh is represented in 13 countries around the world with offices in the US, UK, France and Israel. Its London-based office coordinates global sales and marketing operations and its Israeli office managing research, development and engineering innovation. Shemesh’s unique combination of UK customer-centric service with an Israeli high-tech mentality to push the technical boundaries, plus the use of tried & tested parts from German manufacturers has greatly contributed to its success. The US market is served by a 43,055 square-foot office in Green Bay, Wisconsin, home to a Demo Center, 24 Hour Service and Parts Center and a large US installed base of packaging machines.

We don’t see Shemesh as a company that builds just cutting-edge machinery, we want to become your partner of choice for long and successful cooperation. “Let us build your vision” is not just our slogan, simply put, this is what we do, day in and day out!

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