Packaging World: Gummies Packaging Line

Shemesh Gummies Line

Thanks to Packaging World for publishing the following piece about our unique new Gummies Packaging Line. You can read the full piece here.

Gummies Packaging Line

The TKS-G60 gummies packaging line from Shemesh Automation features a sequence of machinery that feeds, loads, fills, caps, and labels bottles of all common sizes and is able to case pack and palletize them as well.

Gummies and jellies are renowned in the food, supplements, and nutraceuticals sectors for being one of the most awkward, hard to handle products. Flexibility is key in gummy packaging efficiency, and the Shemesh packaging line is headed up by an unscrambler that can be either mechanical where bottle choice is limited or robotic where multiple shapes and unlimited types of bottle are involved. This feeds into a continuous rotary multi-head weigher based filling system which dispenses a predetermined fill weight of product to the continuous motion rotary base, transferring product into the customer’s rigid container/bottle/jar through a transfer funnel.

The bottles are fed through a timing screw into an infeed-starwheel that in turn feeds the main turret. Once in the main turret the combination scale filler is timed with the rotary platform to ensure accurate weight transfer. The product then travels onto a vibration section within the turret to allow for the transfer and settling of the entire dose into a narrow container/bottle opening.

Bottles are sealed using induction sealing that reduces oxygen and moisture thus improving shelf life – key for certain specialist supplements that don’t immediately fly off the shelves. The labeller can uniquely handle literally most common types of bottles that a co-packer may need – again a massive benefit for more niche producers switching between product lines more frequently.

In addition, there are QC points along the entirety of the line to ensure pinpoint accuracy and top quality all the way through. All the parts are tool-less for faster changeover, and manufactured from high grade, robust stainless steel. Furthermore, the stippled surface of the line in certain critical areas reduces the level of direct product contact and the chance of it sticking. Depending on requirements, the existing technology can achieve from 30 to 150 unit output/min, depending on exact line models.

You can read the original article, which was published on 26/7/22 here