Packaging Gateway: Shemesh Launches Complete Buckets Line

BuckIT TKS25 Bucket Stuffer

Packaging Gateway published this article highlighting the launch of the Shemesh Complete Turnkey Buckets Packaging Line, BuckIT TKS25. You can read the original article here.

Shemesh Automation launches complete buckets packaging line

Shemesh Automation, an automation solutions provider, has recently unveiled its latest product, the BuckIT TKS25 packaging line.

Streamlined processes and increased efficiency

The BuckIT TKS25 packaging line boasts a fully automated operation, making it the ultimate choice for manufacturers seeking optimised packaging processes. It has a remarkable production capacity, capable of producing up to 25 buckets per minute, each with a volume of 3,500ml.

Moreover, this innovative system is designed to accommodate various bucket specifications, loads and final products, ensuring versatility and adaptability for different manufacturing needs.

Comprehensive services and expertise

Shemesh Automation takes pride in providing a complete turnkey solution with the BuckIT TKS25 packaging line. From design and manufacturing to integration, installation, servicing, parts supply, delivery and training, the company offers a comprehensive package that simplifies the entire process.

By eliminating traditional bottlenecks associated with complex packaging lines, the BuckIT TKS25 enables manufacturers to achieve streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency.

Cost savings and ongoing support

The BuckIT TKS25 packaging line offers significant benefits in terms of cost savings and ongoing support. With a low changeover downtime, minimal raw materials waste and reduced space requirement on the factory floor, manufacturers can experience improved productivity and resource utilisation.

Additionally, Shemesh Automation ensures that its team of skilled engineers and partners covers any technical support and repairs needed for the packaging line.

This focus on long-term support and service makes Shemesh Automation a reliable supplier, capable of making a measurable difference to their customers’ products and profit margins.

With the introduction of the BuckIT TKS25 packaging line, Shemesh Automation aims to provide its customers with a competitive edge in the market.

The comprehensive nature of this turnkey solution, combined with its advanced technology and expert craftsmanship, positions Shemesh Automation as a major provider in the packaging industry.

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