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Citadel J Automatic Jumbo Wipes Bagger

Nonwovens Industry included information on our BuckIT TKS25 Buckets line and CITADEL Series in its Machinery and Equipment Review. You can read the original article here.

Shemesh Automation 

Shemesh’s most recent innovation, the BuckIt-TKS25 line, is a complete turnkey packaging line for wet wipes in pails. It offers fully automated feeding for both pails and lids with separate continuous denesting machines which include a servo-driven interchangeable vertical carousel cartridges. This results in ultra-low downtime.

In addition, two unique design features in particular make the BuckIt-TKS25 line stand out:

  • A fully integrated SAS-J Jumbo Wipes stuffer machine
  • The Carolus Pail Labeller – includes a proprietary precision orientation system and pails handle lifting mechanism for conical and plain-vanilla pails.

This highly accurate, sustainable low-maintenance line can pack up to 25 jumbo wipes rolls per minute which are auto stuffed, wet, sealed and closed inside automatically-denested pails.
Citadel A is a complete monoblock packer for wipes in jumbo and consumer refill bags.

The Citadel Series, built on decades of wipes manufacturing sector experience and harnessing operating speeds of up 30ppm, offers robust, fully automatic, servo driven all-in-one Monoblock packers for wipes in flexible packs.

While the Citadel-J model is engineered specifically to pack jumbo rolls into jumbo bags, and the Citadel-R does the same for refill-sized rolls and bags, the all-new Citadel A offers ultimate flexibility as it can pack both jumbo bags (Citadel J) and consumer refill bags (Citadel R) with one smart unit.

This all- in-one packaging solution unlocks major savings for flexible pack wipes manufacturers through its versatility, ultra-low downtime and enhanced productivity.

You can read the full article, published by Nonwovens Industry here