International Confectionery: Shai Shemesh Comment Piece

Shemesh’s CEO Shai Shemesh provided a commentary on the expertise required to solve the challenges faced by gummies and jellies manufacturers in International Confectionery. You can read the full piece on Pg34 here.

Process Control and Automation

Shai Shemesh, Chief Executive Officer, Shemesh Automation

I believe in finding solutions for the customers’ challenges by constantly pushing the technical boundaries and innovation.

Shai ShemeshGummies and jellies are renowned for being one of the most awkward, hard to handle products so flexibility is key to packaging for the growing market of sticky sweets and supplements. I can’t stress enough how beneficial it is for suppliers to be able to partner with a single manufacturer capable of meeting all their needs from product feed to palletizing.

It takes some significant engineering expertise to seamlessly combine a unique sequence of technologies that feed, load, fill, cap and label gummies of all common sizes – and ultimately case pack and palletize them too. We recently launched the 60 products per minute A-Z gummies packaging line – TKS-G60. Dealing with a single all-in-one packaging line supplier could potentially save confectioners  both time and money.

ABB robotics and Cognex vision systems can be embedded across the line to enhance many of the core processes including product feed, capping and case packing. This cutting-edge technology delivers improvements in speed, accuracy and the ability to seamlessly interact between complex shapes, materials and brand labels.

Solifill, the TKS-G60’s continuous rotary multi-head weigher based filling system is engineered to combat the sticky issue of product coagulation. From stippled machine surfaces to a vibration section within its filling turret, Solifill ensures that gummies do not stick together during the filling process, so doses are always accurate and blockages are eliminated. These types of machine enable a more efficient process control system

Confectionery manufacturers require flexible filling, sealing and capping machinery that fits their specific packaging requirements. The ability to effectively handle a huge variety of packaging and products is a key advantage. Also, delivering significant sustainability benefits and reductions in operational costs – alongside fast throughputs. It’s the future of confectionery packaging.

You can read the original article, which was published on in September 2022 here (pg34.)