SNW: First-to-market Jumbo Wipes Bagger from Shemesh offers a sustainable solution

CITADEL J Complete Monobloc Jumbo wipes bagger

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First-to-market Jumbo Wipes Bagger from Shemesh offers a sustainable solution

HAMPSHIRE – Building on the success of its Citadel-R monobloc bagger for round refill and consumer wipes, global machinery manufacturer Shemesh Automation Wet Wipes is once again first to market with a ground-breaking offering for Jumbo Wipes makers.

Most industries are undergoing transformational change in the wake of Covid-19 coupled with increased concerns around climate change, and the nonwoven wipes sector is no different. In fact, Shemesh first developed the Citadel series in response to two emerging industry trends.

First, wipes manufacturers are beginning to transition away from rigid packaging such as canisters and buckets towards flexible packaging. This not only means they use less plastic, but also flexible packs take up less space – allowing manufacturers to make savings on transport costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Second, whilst the initial Covid-related surge in demand for consumer wipes may have settled down post-pandemic, it’s clear that the market for jumbo wipes in flexible packs, commonly used in hospitals and gyms, is still growing apace.

Responding to this growing market trend and building on the successful launch of its Citadel-R model, Shemesh has developed the perfect solution for manufacturers of wipes in flexible jumbo-sized bags who are looking to enhance their production with fast, space-saving automation.

A stand-alone monobloc unit, the Citadel-J automatically stuffs jumbo sized (typically in the 600 sheet-count to 1,200 count range) nonwoven rolls into premade bags, accurately fills them with liquid (typically 3 to 5 litres) while providing constant support beneath the heavy bag, seals the bags and then ejects the finished product at speeds of 10-15 packs per minute (depending on product-specific variables).

Citadel-J is designed to connect seamlessly to existing slitter/rewinders, allowing manufacturers to benefit from complete A-Z hands-free operation.

Shemesh Automation CEO, Shai Shemesh explains that much like all the best products, Citadel-J came by way of a genuine response to a real unmet market need: “Citadel-J is a great example of a business listening to its customers and bringing to market a machine that really offers an answer to requirements that had been left unaddressed by the wider market for too long. Now, thanks to Citadel-J, manufacturers of jumbo wipes in flexible packs have a cutting-edge automated solution that will allow them to make savings to their carbon footprint while enhancing production efficiencies – and their bottom line.”

This article was first published on Sustainable Nonwovens (SNW) (8 June 2022) You can read the full article here.