Candy Industry: Shemesh launches gummy bottling line

Solifill Gummies Line

Thanks to Candy Industry for publishing the following piece about our unique new Gummies Packaging Line. You can read the full piece here.

Shemesh launches gummy bottling line

Line offers end-to-end solution for all bottle shapes.

Shemesh Automation has launched the TKS-G60 gummy bottling line.

The company combines a sequence of technologies that feed, load, fill, cap, and label bottles of all common sizes, as well as case pack and palletize them.

Shemesh provides an entire uninterrupted bottling line for gummies and jellies where all the core machinery is made by just one manufacturer, said Yonatan Levy, Shemesh Automation’s vice president, global sales & business development.

“It’s hugely beneficial for customers to be able to partner with a single manufacturer capable of meeting all their needs for gummy packaging from product feed to palletizing,” he says. “It saves them both time and money as they only have to deal with one supplier and one team of engineers who know their systems inside out. And of course our electrical, mechanical and control systems are all completely seamlessly integrated under one platform to maximize productivity and minimize downtime.”

You can read the rest of the original article, which was published on 25/7/22 here