Shemesh Multi-Range Gin Filling & Capping Line At Beams Packaging Services

As a British retail consortium, Beam Packaging Services, based in Cambridgeshire UK, are a grade A accredited contract packer with over a decade’s experience in packaging gift packs, confectionery, alcohol, ration packs.

Three years ago, Beams’ main bottling niche was miniature bottles (approx. 50ml), however, overtime they expanded their line to cover various bottle sizes up to 700cl. Beams faced a difficult challenge during their growth period. After approaching other companies, they were told the same answer time and time again – it would be impossible to deliver their entire range using one line. Dissatisfied with this outcome, Beams International approached Shemesh Automation.

Shemesh Automation rose to the challenge and designed and built Beams to a bespoke, high-speed filling and capping line. Shemesh’s engineering team were able to build ONE line for Beams which would seamlessly cover their entire bottling range without the requirement for any additional machinery.

Beams’ new line consisted of Shemesh’s flagship dynamic duo – STRATUM and THOROSTRATUM is an advanced in-line double servo driven automatic liquid filling machine and THORO, a servo-driven and efficient torque-measured capping machine, specifically designed to provide super-accurate leak-free capping were ideally suited to Beams’ requirements.

The capacity and speed of each unit afforded the client the ability to seamlessly fulfil each product range with minimal downtime between runs, thus reducing costly capital outlays, space and utility consumption associated with multi production lines.

Watch the Beams Line in action with a testimonial from their Head Engineer: 

Beams International’s Head Engineer says,

“Shemesh offered a value proposition for the business, which was hard for anyone to neither ignore nor compete with. Firstly, from a specification perspective, Shemesh only use top of the line components with their equipment. For example, all controls, pneumatics and motors are German made by Siemens and Festo.

Furthermore, from a line functionality perspective, this line works with filling ranges and functionality that would require Beams to buy two lines to match one line made by Shemesh. That is because of the filling range as well as the capper functionality, which made the decision to go with a Shemesh built line a no-brainer.

The responsiveness of the Shemesh UK Sales Director, his professionalism and integrity throughout the process also contributed significantly to the decision-making process.

At the after-sale stage Shemesh demonstrated time and again that they are “there” when it really mattered. From the project planning stage, where the line design and building of the kit were very well managed with clear communications at every stage as Shemesh were not late delivering the equipment; to the installation stage, where Shemesh had super professional team at place for installation & training; and on to production and the day to day where we all can enjoy production that is accurate and consistent.

  • Today I perceive Shemesh not only as an equipment supplier but a true partner to our success as I consider many within Shemesh Automation friends. The Shemesh team is always there whenever needed, which really counts a lot when in trouble in “live” production, whether it is remote control trouble shooting which Shemesh affords due to its superb Industry 4.0 technology; to in-field service, which Shemesh can deliver almost instantly due to a well-trained service engineers in the UK; or format parts and spares availability, the criticals of which Shemesh holds in stock.Today, I am glad to say that we will surely buy again from Shemesh and I won’t hesitate in putting my own name and reputation on the line in recommending the Shemesh brand to anyone who is looking for a reliable partner for their production needs.”