Sustainable Nonwovens: Shemesh Launches Turnkey Buckets Line

BuckIT TKS25 Bucket Stuffer

Sustainable Nonwovens published this article highlighting the launch of the Shemesh Complete Turnkey Buckets Packaging Line, BuckIT TKS25. You can read the original article here.

Shemesh launches new turnkey bucket packaging line

GREEN BAY – Automated packaging specialist solutions Shemesh Automation has launched BuckIT TKS25, a complete turnkey buckets line for the wipes sector.

Shemesh’s BuckIt packaging line is completely automated and is described as a complete end to end packaging line for liquid and solid products in buckets.

The line includes all the following Shemesh made machines: automatic Buckets Denester with vertical stack servo-driven magazine carousel; SAS-J Automatic Buckets Stuffer; Stratum-J Gear-Pumps Buckets Filling machine; Sealpro-J Conduction Sealing Machine for Buckets; and the Automatic Bucket Lids Denester with vertical stack servo-driven magazine carousel and Bucket Lids Fastener.

Across its applications the line produces up to 25 buckets per minute with a 3,500ml volume, and can handle many different bucket specifications, loads and final products. It can also be modified for the packing of jumbo nonwoven wet wipes in buckets.

The key advantages of this one-stop-shop line include having design, manufacturing, integration, installation, servicing, parts, delivery and training all under one umbrella. This, says Shemesh, results in streamlined processes, the removal of traditional bottlenecks associated with complex packaging lines and the support of the company’s customer support and machinery service and repair model.

In addition, the line only requires two operators, from nested buckets to pallets of filled, sealed, capped & labeled buckets in boxes, and it features extremely low changeover downtime, raw materials waste and space requirement on the factory floor – leading to substantial ongoing cost savings when compared to other multi-supplier lines.

Further, the ‘one umbrella’ approach increases accountability and minimizes the costs and hassle of having to deal with multiple suppliers.

All of the machines in the line are Industry 4.0 ready, have FDA approved piping, banner sensors and Siemens PLC, HMI and motors.

“With BuckIT TKS25, we offer our customers significant competitive advantages, but one of the absolute clearest is the ability to purchase entire production lines under the ‘one umbrella’ banner,” said Shai Shemesh, president of Shemesh Automation. “This means that all of our packaging production lines are created by experts who have come from one of the world’s most exciting and advanced technology sectors. Any ongoing technical support and repairs can also be covered by our engineers and partners, making us a worthy supplier for packaging production lines that will make measurable long-term differences to our customers’ products and profit margins.”

You can read the full article, published by Sustainable Nonwovens here