SAS-J Round Wipes Buckets Stuffer

SAS-J Buckets Stuffer

Get a budgetary quote today!High-speed vertical round wipes buckets stuffer

A truly revolutionary high-speed vertical round wipes buckets loader, the SAS-J offers unprecedented speeds and accuracy levels, reinventing operations and efficiency.

Available both as a stand alone unit, or as part of our complete turnkey Bucket wipes packaging lines, the SAS-J feeds the rolled product through a smart synching conveyors system vertically into a 90° chute that feeds the rolls to the main servo-driven rotary turret where each roll is stuffed by a pneumatic piston pusher into its designated bucket.

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  • Throughput: Up to 25 buckets per minute
  • Due to integrated Siemens/AB PLC & HMI, Buckets types are changeable at the touch of a button!
  • Almost eliminates the need for format parts
  • Dramatically reduces downtime
  • Suitable for the following roll sizes: Diameter – 60mm-240mm, Hight – 100mm-260mm