Shemesh Multi Range Gin Filling & Capping Line with speeds up to 120ppm at Beams International Ltd. – Delivered!

Shemesh Automation are delighted to share the news of the installation of one of our bespoke automation solutions.

When Beams International Ltd. approached Shemesh they needed an automation solution which would allow them to complete their full range of Gin products using ONE automation line. Up until this point, Beams had been told this was an impossible task – until Shemesh Automation stepped in!

Shemesh Automation succeeded in designing and building a bespoke, high-speed filling and capping line (Stratum & Thoro), and we were able to help Beams achieve their goal without the requirement for any additional machinery, resulting in increased productivity with fast changeover between runs, and reduced costs.

Rick Lennard, Lead Engineer, Beams Packaging Services, says –

“Shemesh demonstrated time after time that they are “there” when it really matters. From the project planning stage, where the line design and building of the kit were very well managed with clear communications at every stage, to delivering the project and equipment on time, and finally the installation stage, where Shemesh had a super professional team in place for installation & training. In addition to this, we are delighted with the productivity and the day to day operation where we all can enjoy production that is accurate and consistent. Today, I perceive Shemesh not only as an equipment supplier but a true partner to our success, and I also consider many within Shemesh Automation friends. I am glad to say that we will surely buy from Shemesh again and I would not hesitate in putting my own name and reputation on the line in recommending the Shemesh Brand to anyone who is looking for a reliable partner for their production needs.”

WATCH NOW: Take a look at our testimonial video below to learn more about this exciting project –

Shemesh Automation would like to extend a huge thank you to Rick Lennard and Beams International Ltd. for the great team work on this outstanding project.

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