Wet Wipes Packaging Machine

Meet the XPANDER Series

With its unique all-in-one monoblock packaging machine design, the XPANDER encompasses all aspects of round wipes downstream packaging from cans and wipes loading, dosing, and sealing through to capping, labelling, a full built-in QC and smart weight checking. The XPANDER Monoblock Round Wipes Packaging Machine has a throughput of up to 35ppm and is the only machine of its kind available on the market today.

The XPANDER is a robust, fully automatic, servo-driven, vertical index machine. It is specifically designed as a single block for the downstream packaging of round, nonwoven wet wipes in cans.

The XPANDER Monoblock Round Wipes Packaging Machine has already been sold to multiple top tier wet wipes manufacturers.

The XPANDER+ Automatic Packaging Machine differs from its sister unit (the XPANDER) in that fully automatic feeders can be added to the existing modules. This in turn means that, so long as the lid and canister hoppers are kept filled (typically 2 or 3 times per shift), the XPANDER+ can be operated completely ‘hands-free’ and delivers much greater operating efficiencies.


The XPANDER Series, like all Shemesh machines, includes the following spec a standard:

  • Industry 4.0-ready
  • FESTO (Germany) pneumatics and servo systems
  • Complete SST304/316L design
  • FDA approved piping as applicable
  • SIEMENS (Germany) PLC, HMI and MOTORS
  • BANNER sensors
  • E-stop buttons and safety interlocks wired through CAT IV safety controller
  • CE Marking.